Software for lease accounting and analysis - SAC 842

Automated lessor/lessee lease accounting  system designed to meet SAC 842 lessor and lessee requirements from the ground up. Complete through deal structuring to final booking entries for set up, term billing, income recognition, and early termination for lessor and lessee reporting. 

Lease types include finance, sales type and operating leases .  Provides for powerful yield analysis  structuring  capabilities including legacy sinking fund leveraged lease after-tax  analysis. Versatile period and lease type grouping selection allows accounting reporting for forecasting & planning for large companies & governmental budget offices. Truleases provides penny accuracy into the hundreds of trillions of dollars and 16 place accuracy for yield analysis.

Seamless integration between yield analysis and accounting assures quick & accurate reporting for all types of asset financings from real estate to big ticket equipment leases.    

Targeted towards small to medium size portfolios, the system is none the less virtual in size. 

TRULEASES allows for rapid response to lessee reporting needs while allowing lessors

complete mastery over the accounting for any type or size of financing. 

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                   (Updated  11/04/2020


Rapid development Lessor/ lessee 

​Accounting for all size transactions 

​and all types of leases.

​Dozens of customizable hardcopy & screen reports with options provide for infinite combinations.

​Report summaries  for selected terms and transactions.

​Complete  automated lessor/lessee journal entry creation ,  Termination entry creation, Entire term combined and individual deals analysis, and much more.   SAVE$.....set up once and use it every year