Rapid development Lessor/ lessee 

​Accounting for all size transactions 

​and all types of leases.

​Dozens of customizable hardcopy & screen reports with options provide for infinite combinations.

​Portfolio summaries  for selected terms and transactions,.

​Complete  automated lessor/lessee journal entry creation ,  termination entry creation portfolio summary  analysis and much more.

We are  a small consulting firm involved mostly in tax preparation.. The owner, Phil Tirino, CPA,  spent much of his career in the leasing industry starting in truck leasing then moving  to finance company and bank owned leasing operations. He was heavily  involved during the formulation of FASB13, lecturing and writing numerous articles.  Upon publication of SAC 842 it became apparent that most of the change was in fact the addition of the lessee reporting requirements, an aspect FASB13  did not address to any great extent. Concern for the lessees accounting and the resulting impact on marketing was inviting.

​We began writing TRULEASES with  lessee reporting as the main focus . It became apparent lessor reporting might now be inextricably involved in the lessee side. The conclusion was that writing an accounting package would best include a combined approach. 

We are interested in developing a working partnership with a  leasing company or associating with investors to move this product forward. An operating organization seeking to  purchase, market and support the software package, in addition to using it for their own operations would be ideal. We are essentially seeking a beta site willing to work into a partnership/investor on TRULEASES