Rapid development Lessor/ lessee 

​Accounting for all size transactions 

​and all types of leases.

​Dozens of customizable hardcopy & screen reports with options provide for infinite combinations.

​Portfolio summaries  for selected terms and transactions,.

​Complete  automated lessor/lessee journal entry creation ,  termination entry creation portfolio summary  analysis and much more.

                                                                       About Truleases

Our goal in  developing TRULEASES was to create an affordable and easily accessible tool for dealing with SARS 842. We targeted  small to medium size leasing and consulting companies as a more natural fit to the products versatility. What we could offer  was maximum versatility in  structuring transactions and speed in dealing with the development and accounting . We think TRULEASES WILL prove to be powerful in functionality. For the first time, software had to meet the needs of not only the lessor, but the lessee  too. TRULESES meets those needs providing for reciprocal (mirrored) or independent accounting as between the lessor and lessee. The accounting is presented on numerous reports complete to the final journal  entry preparation and printouts. This allows for analyzing/structuring booking and presenting transaction accounting to the lessees in 15 to 20 minutes. There are plenty of audit  trails and reports optionally created  for support and backup.  A clear link between pricing and accounting is inherent in  the design though  easily separated  for reporting and operating purposes..

The system offers many unique capabilities such as simultaneous lessee and lessor reporting, variable period or partial term reporting, fully automated group and term related journal entries for both lessor or lessee and  a completely integrated pricing and yield analysis section  that can be bypassed for  accounting functions.  A rapid learning curve is permitted by employing EXCEL strictly as a database. This makes getting up and running quick and easy. Videos showing screen instructions make learning rapid and simple. The screen interface is designed to be  fast and direct once the screen layouts are mastered. Much more so than the typical drop-down box question and answer approach that looks pretty but is functionally weak.

​The system design favors smaller boutique shops doing all size transactions from small auto leases to multi billion dollar big ticket equipment, as well as long term real-estate deals. Accuracy into the trillions is designed into all the reports and computations. The system does finance, operating and sales types leasing with options for structuring  up front earnings and deferred income and expenses in unlimited step up or step down payment set combinations Once-structured deals can be repeatedly used as template starting  points and modified for accounting records repeatedly. (The system will do individual deal reporting on legacy leveraged leases using 3 different yield analysis approaches.)

Fully compiled executables are maintenance free and designed to run on single user desktops under Windows. Source code is available under specified conditions for interested investors or partners. The system generates control accounts for necessary lease related  accounting.

The control accounts envision interfacing with any other accounting systems such as existing software using  separate general ledger, accounts receivable, and accounts payable control  accounts. The portfolio features make it attractive for companies engaged in portfolio acquisitions, and big-picture yield analysis.

​The ability to deal comprehensively and quickly with all types of financings is the software's shinning strength.

Installation requires  a PC running Windows XP or later, and can be installed in minutes. A version of Microsoft Office is required to provide a licensed EXCEL package.