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​Report summaries  for selected terms and  selected transactions types


Hundreds of example templates.


​Complete  automated customizable lessor & lessee journal entry creation


Termination entry creation


 Entire term combined & individual deal analysis with separable integrated yield analysis


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Lease or loan structuring in Truleases allows for repeated use of the same structuring file as a template. We view abstracts as being more the area of "accounting file" records for that reason. It is also noted that deal structuring is more oriented towards an iterative creative process,

Lease abstracts should contain any information the person setting up the accounting record may need while inputting data into the accounting file. The diversity of terms between companies is such that no form could possibly serve everyone. The positive side of that is no generalized form would require all data to be entered. We have provided the EXCELL file under the "Reports" folder to allow for review and customization to meet the needs of each individual company. You can view the file as a starting point for ideas or information.

We are presenting a generalized form below only as a model, fully understanding that much of the data space allowed for will never be needed, and many situations will require customized changes or new forms to best serve the company's needs.

Setting up an accounting record from a templated structuring file position will take .between 3 to 15 minutes. Setting up repeated accounting records from the accounting template position will take about 3 minutes to 5 minutes per new record created. 


Lease and Transaction Abstracts.