Rapid development Lessor & lessee 

​accounting for all size transactions, portfolios

​and types of leases.


​Dozens of customizable hardcopy & screen reports with many options provide for infinite combinations


​Report summaries  for selected terms and  selected transactions types


Hundreds of example templates.


​Complete  automated customizable lessor & lessee journal entry creation


Termination entry creation


 Entire term combined & individual deal analysis with separable integrated yield analysis


 Save time & money...set up once and use it every year

Support for hardware, operating system and programing lanquage

Installations of Truleases requires a PC compatible computer running a version of Windows (we only support Windows 10). You will also need an EXCELL office product or a complete office installation to access required EXCEL libraries. A minimum of 8 meg of RAM and a 250 gig SSD drive is advised. Our system has 32 gig of ram, 512 gig SSD running a I7-4770-3.4 ghz   processor. It generally provides very quick response times.

Truleases is written in legacy VB 6​. A very often misunderstood truth is that Microsoft  no longer supports Legacy VB 6. Microsoft continues to update and support VBA as it appears in every Microsoft Office product published including the most current Office 16.
What does that mean? Legacy VB 6 uses all the same DLL libraries as current VBA. Any office installation will update and support legacy VB 6 by virtue of the use of the same DLL libraries. VBA code is integral to all MS Office installations. A more accurate but still misleading statement is to say that MS no longer supports the VB 6 development systems in all its' many iterations. . 

VB 6 legacy is nothing more than VBA running independent of an Office application such as EXCEL or WORD. It is still indirectly fully supported by MS and being improved on as part of the support for the DLL libraries used by WORD, EXCEL and other Office products.
Truleases' is a fully compiled dot exec file.  Source code is not provided at this time, Copies of legacy VB 6 continue to be used by many large corporate operations around the world and can be downloaded freely or purchased on EBAY and Amazon, and other retailers. Legacy VB 6 can be set up from any legacy Visual Studio package also. VB 6 has never died. It works well for many applications and is a RAD (rapid applications development) language. It produces fully compiled (therefore very secure) binary code executables that require MS Office VBA support and DLL libraries.  A MS office or EXCEL installation of any vintage must be installed to support the VBA libraries.

There is still considerable independent support around the world for VB6, including add-on support products such as installation packages. This is especially true in Europe. Though the system is designed as a single user desktop  system, basing the data base on EXCEL encapsulates and eliminates most multi-user issues automatically. It is also network friendly. VB 6 and VBA  are probably the longest- lived languages on Microsoft’s shelf.


TRULEASES is supported by the software author and several part time employees.. Once installed it should run trouble free forever like most off-the-shelf software applications. A detailed user's manual is provided. Several sets of example files containing hundreds of example transactions and files that can be instantly read into the system are also provided. These examples are provided in three broad categories as follows:

1) Deal Structuring Examples (foundational data to the accounting functions).

2) Accounting Transactions (accounting record(s) created from  structuring files).

3) Report files (project files, amortization reports and other client developed reports)

 The system is designed in two broad categories, structuring and accounting. There are numerous tips and other aides to help navigate the various screens. Installation is made easy by a single program that leads you through it (in about 3 to 10 minutes).

   The system installation includes the following:

1) A USB thumbnail drive containing the System installation file, and the 3 part set of example files . The program can be set up on any number of computers. Excel files are interchangeable like any ordinary Excel file is. A license key must be inserted on the computer to run the program. The licensed program may be repeatedly installed on unlimited numbers of computers.

2) Two USB License Keys allowing 2 separate systems installations to run simultaneously and are transferable between any number of computers on which the system has been previously installed. All Excel files are interchangeable between any number of  computers and are usable independently of the system and can be used like any EXCEL file.

3) One users manual.


Truleases will provide unlimited telephone installation support and up to 1 hour free system operations support along with the following guarantee :

If within 40 days from mailing of the system installation package the buyer returns all four items noted above included in the package, Truleases will refund your entire purchase price less a modest restock fee to cover out of pocket expenses of $14.00 (buyer pays return mailing) with no questions asked.



Support for computer systems can usually be broken down into two categories. and they are:

1) Support for the applications program itself .

2) Support for the hardware, operating system and  the computer language the package is written in.