1/21/2021 // What if I lose a key? Any number of keys can be separately purchased after the first 2 seat or user system is purchased. The cost of each additional seat or user is s35.00. A five seat system as an example, would cost 3 at $35 and 1 at $85 or a total of  $ 190.00. As the files are all  interchangeable EXCEL files , the compatibility between computers is expected. You must call to purchase a new seat or key. If you are concerned about key loss it is recommended you purchase as many extra keys as your risk appetite requires to be confident you will always have access through the system. Access directly from EXCEL is always possible.

1/21/2021// What if the company goes out of business,? As with a lost software key you would be required to contact the remaining administrators and secure the key word for your installation. This would permit you to make your own keys. Your data would never be inaccessible no mater the lack of the system. Your data is always readable by EXCEL. See "What if I lose a key".


1/18/2021//  How are updates done.? . Critical updates are provided free of charge upon request. Updates will be provided via downloads requiring installation on each user machine. Compatibility is  maintained and user keys do not require changing between updates. Additional user keys or seats can be purchased for $ 35.00 per seat at any time.

12/17/2020// What is ASC 842 Effective Date ?
ASC 842 replaced ASC 840 after December 15, 2018 for fiscal years and interim periods within those fiscal years for public companies and will go in effect for private companies after December 15, 2019 for fiscal years and interim periods within those fiscal years

Commonly Asked Questions

02252021// What is portfolio Analysis ?

It includes among other things, the ability to do detailed rate analysis for entire portfolios of transaction as if it were one single transaction viewed over defined long periods for  very large defined dollar footings in the hundreds of trillions of dollars.

12/18/2020 // Can the system easily handle reinstating prior terminated deals ?


12/18/2020 // What browsers work best with Truleases. 

MS's Bing, Firefox & Safari have performed well.

12/18/2020 // Does the system provide for amortization of related extraneous expenses and income over the deal term such as commissions ?.


1/25/2021// Are custom modification and coding services available.?

YES! However, it is difficult to see a need even if the accounting rules change because: (1)The current rules would be additional legacy rules and hence still needed. (2)The fact that all the critical reports are available or generated in excel worksheets allows for easy customization using VBA add-on coding outside the program. This is an ancillary benefit of the EXCEL data base environment. Custom in-program coding can be expensive and should be avoided where possible.

11/18/2020 //. What are the greatest number of transactions the system can handle? 

The system has a virtual database. Each Excel Workbook is designed to handle approximately 2,000 transactions in a combined entry or in a single individual transaction mode. There is  no limit for the number of workbooks that can be manually  combined for reporting entries. The system has repeatedly performed in testing with summary entries in  the 10's of trillions of $ OVER TERMS EXCEEDING 100 YEARS with penny accuracy.

11/17/2020 //. Does the system provide for creating and analyzing yield analysis and deal design in addition to complete lease accounting analysis?  

Yes.  Using the structuring modules you can rate analyze and create transactions or do full lease accounting as a separate and distinct function. Once the Accounting record is created, there is no need to visit the structuring features again.

11/18/2020 //. Can the same system be installed on numerous computers throughout the company?

 Yes: Although a separate license is required for each installation. The software can reside on  any number of computers but requires a licensed USB key to run. The keys are interchangeable between computers within the company.  All data files are interchangeable between systems so  all data can be moved around the company freely subject to your internal controls and EXCEL file locking restrictions..

11/17/2020 //. Does the system provide support for all lease types under ASC 842 ?  

Yes, additionally it permits modifications to standard current methods & supports legacy leveraged lease  accounting using 3 different yield analysis methods..

Rapid development Lessor & lessee 

​accounting for all size transactions, portfolios

​and types of leases.


​Dozens of customizable hardcopy & screen reports with many options provide for infinite combinations


​Report summaries  for selected terms and  selected transactions types


Hundreds of example templates.


​Complete  automated customizable lessor & lessee journal entry creation


Termination entry creation


 Entire term combined & individual deal analysis with separable integrated yield analysis


 Save time & money...set up once and use it every year