Rapid development Lessor & lessee 

​accounting for all size transactions, portfolios

​and types of leases.


​Dozens of customizable hardcopy & screen reports with many options provide for infinite combinations


​Report summaries  for selected terms and  selected transactions types


Hundreds of example templates.


​Complete  automated customizable lessor & lessee journal entry creation


Termination entry creation


 Entire term combined & individual deal analysis with separable integrated yield analysis


 Save time & money...set up once and use it every year

The screen below presents the range for the entire term of this transaction representing the booking of every transaction from inception to completion for this individual deal. Similarly, this range report could be presented in  for a summary combination for every deal up to 2,000 per workbook with unlimited workbooks allowed (each 2,000 deal entry wb requiring  manual collection) facilitated by EXCEL listed journal entries. The organization of the workbook collection can be by type of deal, location etc. as desired.      

​Approximately 10 pages

Truleases....Working with accounting Reports

Tutorial 4 

Summary Lessor and lessee journal entry for the range selected.Type your paragraph here.

Type your paragraph here.